Standards for competitiveness and excellence

Carpenterie Lombarde srl believes that the main engines of excellence and competitiveness are in the development and application of the “Quality Management System” according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2005.
Besides, our company is provided by the license “Welding Management System” according to UNI EN ISO 3834:2006, that helps to further enhance its performs.

Quality policy: the main goals

The main goals that Carpenterie Lombarde srl means to pursue in quality policy, in the light of clearly identified and measurable parameters, are:

  • Market share expansion – new products, new sectors, new clients
  • Reduction of waste and working processes
  • Reduction of returns and complaints by our customers
  • Optimization of order processing times
  • Technological and organizational improvement to differ from other competitors


For this purpose, Carpenterie Lombarde srl established a series of fundamental guidelines according to whom the society must undertake to:

  • Understand present and future clients and stakeholders’ needs in order to provide a quality level equal to or superior than the expected one
  • To provide for improvement activities in order to pursue strategical company aims respecting the needs and the expectations of all stakeholders
  • To make decisions and to take actions based on the analysis of real data and balancing them with the experience and the intuition

Management commitments

In order to comply all this, our Management undertakes to:

  • Set challenging goals and targets that reflect a clear vision of the future of our company
  • Provide to our staff the resources, the training and the freedom to act responsibly
  • Encourage communication between the different levels of our structure
  • Take account into the stakeholders’ needs including the customers, the property, the staff, the suppliers, the local community and the community in general

Strategy of application

In order to achieve our goals and to maintain them, we schedule:

  • Periodical meeting
  • Technical and qualitative improvement plans
  • Involvement of our suppliers and partners in our Governance
  • Internal and external checks of our Management Quality System

Improvement plan

All this schedule is developed in detail in the Improvement Plan, which is the main directional tool to translate and to improve the general principles of Quality and it is available to the Company Managers as a concrete trace for the definition of timing and responsibility for implementation.


Robecco S/N, March 29th 2019

Airoldi Massimo