The headquarter of Bellusco is hosted by ZinCol Lombarda S.p.A, a society specialized in hot dip galvanization.

In this location Carpenterie Lombarde performs the final assembly and preparation for the shipment of all the metal structures, in order to verify that each element is perfectly functional to the project and to the type of shipment.

If required, the Purchasing Office can independently provide for the purchase of engines, reducers, limit switches, electrical panels and all the necessary to complete the machine.

The large available covered and uncovered spaces ensure easy handling of all products or assembled systems.

Large spaces for the FINAL ASSEMBLY

Carpenterie Lombarde employs highly qualified personnel to run internally the assembly phases of their own carpentry and mechanical prototypes.
In order to provide an efficient and complete service, it is possible to deliver complete carpentry of any mechanical components, but also to realize partial assembly of components that are then assembled on site.

The assembly phase is always very delicate especially when it comes to structures tailored on the customer.

Finishes and Assembly

Skilled workers perform the finishing processes following the precise indications
the technical drawings and of supplied projects.

The combined work between our specialized team and state-of-the-art machinery makes possible to obtain solid, durable finished products with attention to every detail.

Hot dip galvanization

Most of the carpentry on the market made by third parties, and the approximately 1500 tons of steel produced, indicate hot dip galvanizing as specifications for the surface coating.

The projects that are developed within the technical office are designed and implemented in full compliance with EN 1090-2 and EN 14713-1/2 and the hot dip galvanizing can be performed in accordance with UNI EN 1461:2009, ASTM A123, BS EN ISO1461:2009.

Thanks to its experience in the field of mechanical and electrical assembly, Carpenterie Lombarde, has within its production units qualified personnel able to provide the customer with an adequate and efficient finished product.

Packaging and SHIPMENTS

Depending on the mode of shipment (by land, by sea, by air) the packaging must be appropriate and safe. All products are packed in the most appropriate and efficient way to allow greater ease of handling, transport and storage for any final destination.

Each finished product is accompanied by the packing list, an important document for the management of warehouse activities and national and international shipments. Its correct compilation allows to plan in a reliable way the process of shipment and reception on site of the artifacts.