Quality control

Quality control is fundamental to prevent any kind of problem that could occur on the finished product and to operate on different phases: from the preliminary one to the production process up to the final test.

The management software incorporates the insertion of a new commission, developing a quality chart for each constructive drawing. With the manufacturing process this folder is completed with all certifications and documents needed such as plates certificates, beam and tube certificates, WPQ with WPS and WPQR licenses and the used filler materials certificates.

Then artifacts may need further activities such as:

The construction of industrial machinery and structural works requires the utmost attention during the construction phases of those items that go to assembly the final product.

For this reason pre-assembly is a request that many company make to whom directly produce the single mechanical or structural items so that the next phase of assembly results easier and faster.

This choice leads to a precision level optimally aligned to the original project.

The experience gained through the years and the cooperation with different partners allow Carpenterie Lombarde to supply a product complete of heat treatment and mechanical processes of all kind.

Our technical department is always available to support the costumer from the design of an item, testing every its criticality or working difficulty and identifying the most valid alternatives.