Technical review

The preliminary phase of every work is the “technical review”, in whom Carpenterie Lombarde verify to possess all the requirements needed to manage correctly customer’s requests, that can be about the realization of exclusive projects or about our self-production.

If a customer need to outsource a project as a whole, Carpenterie Lombarde is able to fully deal with it starting from the development of structural calculations to the choice of the most suitable nodes and profiles.
The engineer office proceeds with the drawing of the constructive designs which are delivered to the customer as part of his supply. Sometimes, before the serial production, some functional checks are necessary; even in this case Carpenterie Lombarde, with the help of prototyping with 3D printer, is able to support client’s ideas and to transform them then in a successful product.

Carpenterie Lombarde is able to entirely realize a project conceived by the customer and, after a careful feasibility analysis by the engineering office and other specific experts involved, it put on field appropriate skills, facilities and instrumentation to concretely develop it as closely as possible to the original request.