The realization of artifacts of Carpenterie Lombarde is made by qualified and certified personnel. The continuous training, aimed at constantly responding with professionalism to our client’s needs, is often sided with the specific training about the use of new machinery introduced into the company or the implementation of new features on already installed machinery. Welders and carpenters selected for the realisation of a certain component use the management software to ensure the traceability of times and figures involved.

Five matric barcode insertion stations arranged in the various departments allow a rapid tracking of the activities not only of the raw materials (when requested for every single item or component or a specific manufacture) but also of the staff who dealt with that project and/or item. The production department boasts qualified welders to the most common used standards (EN-ASME-AWS) constantly monitored by an internal Welding Engineer acting as a Welding Coordinator.

At the end of manufacturing all the items are traceable through the use of a QRcode that workers place on the finished components: at the shipping time, with this reading, both the transport document and the packaging list are automatically filled in.